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Frau sitzt am Wasser

Your life is in ruins and you know that there is no step back.

You have no idea what your future could look like.
You ask yourself: Is there a future and any hope for me? 

Who do you want to be?
I can accompany you on your way and would like to help you, 
to discover new worth living perspectives through the following phases: 

sorry but the videos are not translated yet. But I am working on it.


A stroke of fate has torn your life into a million pieces.


Nothing is as it was. 

You know that it will never be the same again, because the door to the past has closed forever. 


You feel the world around you is getting darker and darker, more and more threatening, and hope is just a small spark in the darkness.

You no longer see any meaning in life.


You feel that there could be some meaning if you search for it. But you do not know how and if it would be successful.


Perhaps you have also thought about throwing everything away, getting out or, in the worst case, taking your own life.



But you have already seen that people in a similarly hopeless situation have managed to follow a completely new solution.



You are afraid of what might come.
You do not dare. 

What if I could help you to develop the courage to find, define and follow your personal path?


We all have doubts, because staying on the safe side can't hurt. It seems to be for the best.


How safe is this side when darkness eats you up, hopelessness paralyses you or suicidal thoughts are easier than the will to return to life?


The courage to "go further" can be learned. Developing and implementing a vision is not magic. 


It takes overcoming to find and define oneself anew.  Together we can rearrange life.


New ideas and visions often have a rough wind blowing in our face. 


There are people who care about you. But there are also envious people, those who for selfish reasons do not want you to take a new road.


There are people who cannot see what you see and feel.


Find out who is a friend and support you unconditionally.
Everything has its time, even people.


This new world may have different rules that you need to get to know. Which stones lie in the flow of life and change the direction of flow?


Following a new a new life goes through valleys and hike up steep mountains.


What looks easy often becomes a test of endurance. The limits of resilience are quickly reached. 


The worst enemy shows up quickly. Your ego will extend its claws, sabotage you and put obstacles in your path in the most impossible places. 


Your "yes but" can sometimes become overpowering. Your "I can't" will paralyse you and in the worst case want to kill you. 

Slowly you understand the connections and with the new knowledge you learn to defend yourself.


The heart cries "do it" and the mind warns "leave it".

You face your greatest fears.

Now your story is decided.


Sometimes it becomes an epic battle between good and evil. Sometimes you just jump over the illusion of the abyss and hope that it will work out.


The best thing is to step with your head held high, a lot of excitement in your belly and deep in you this knowledge that what you are doing is right, even if you don't know exactly how it will be. 


Now it's good to have someone to give you security and support you when you stumble. 


Since I dared to follow my path with TREES of MEMORY, life has turned out exactly the way I need it. 


If you let the images in your head become reality and take the first steps, you will suddenly feel how everything feels lighter. 


The lightness of your new life will take over the helm. Your fears will become less with each day. You learn to listen to yourself carefully.
You learn how to elegantly navigate around big stones in the river of life. 


Hope and a certain basic trust will act as a kind of reward.


By the time you feel the first effects and small successes appear, your life has already changed.


If you want to go back to your old life, you will find that you can let it go. People, things, positions have experienced new values.


Now you can see what was not good for you and you can confidently draw your own conclusions. There are still valleys, but less deep.


In this phase you can also let go of your pain much better. Dealing with your loss will be different. 


When you have initiated this process and successfully arrived at this stage, you will be a new person.


Your character has accepted what you have learned for yourself. You are beginning to like yourself. 


Arrived at yourself, you radiate something completely new. Your changed self-confidence will have positive consequences. 


The deep sadness and the all-destroying, dark hopelessness have let you go. Love is allowed to be love again and the temporary grief only shows you how much you love.


It's like returning from a long and tiring journey.

Suddenly everything makes sense and every detail has found its place. 


You are a new self at this time and perhaps even the best self since your birth. 


Don't lose this, because it is your new travel capital and your journey is far from over. 


Having found a fulfilling meaning in life makes evil thoughts disappear, makes you healthy. Not necessarily 100% but maybe 90%. 


I have gone through every single of those steps.


After three years of TREES of MEMORY and several thousand kilometres on the road and meeting hundreds of people in dramatic exceptional and life situations,
I have learned a lot. 


I would like to put all my knowledge at your disposal so that you need much less time to be yourself. 


I would like to help you to leave the pain behind and to find a new meaning in life and to meet you anew. 


In the meantime I have written down in the book #psychisch erkältet

what made me sick, what killed me and what helped me finding my way back to life.

"I would love to be the one who knows about my own inner strength in all the storms of life.
You have given me more than you know."
Sonja Hofrichter


Let's ask the most important questions together on a three-day hiking weekend with like-minded people and find the right impulses and possibilities.




Three days alone with me as coach. There are always several paths in the forest. Which one would you like to take?

Let us find out how you can become your own source. Give impulses that open up meditatively.

One-day hiking coaching for the most urgent and fundamental questions.

We schedule telephone calls or personal meetings in the greater Berlin area on an hourly basis. 

Do you have questions about my offer? Please send me an email with your questions and a callback number, as well as the times for the best availability and
I will get back to you.

Coaching und Wandern
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