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Sponsors wanted
Send your message around the world in Slowmotion
Step by step

I need financial help to manage all what it needs to make TREES of MEMORY a a helpful support for grief and loss and hope.



Please write in the transfer purpose which sponsorship you would like to  support.

1. dog food

2. Food & drink 

3. Camping site fees

4. Replacement articles 

5. health insurance

6. Other

7. hiking boots 

8 . rechargeable batteries for my hiking trailor


You can also donate without taking on a sponsorship too.

Even 1 Dollar is a great help to me to keep going.



Bank transfer: 

donation account: 
Mario Dieringer  
BIC: INGDDEFF             
IBAN: DE63500105170831619540

Ein dickes Danke für Eure Unterstützung geht an: 


Sonja, Margit, Michaela, Steffen, Marvin, Akash, Peter, Heike, Dagmar, Thomas, Frank, Kimberly, Uwe, Stefan, Siegrun, Rudolf, Elfriede, Petra und Walter, Mathil, Margit, Annabel Sophie, Monika, Kerstin, Andreas und Silvia, Martina, Anna, Stefan, Christine, Tatjana, Thomas Michael, Tanja, Bernd und Sabine, Roswitha, Martina, Stephan, Jana, Marco, Andreas, Alexander, Edelgard, Juliane, Josef, Frank und Katrin

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