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You can help to create attention, to develop projects for the bereaved, and you can create a sign of life, against suicide. 
With your own tree, a tree sponsorship, a donation or  as a member of the association
or as a sponsor of my hiking project

The vision of my project and the charity with the same name can only succeed with your help. The best way to support me/us is here on my start page by using the donation button.

If you would like to plant and to order a TREE of MEMORY, you can do so directly via this Link 

In order to achieve the goals we have set ourselves as an association, we need members who support our cause and your financial support. In the following you can see which possibilities we can offer as an association. Since all donations are handled by the association and benefit it, you will be automatically redirected to the association's website, which is not translated yet.

Whether as tree sponsor, financial supporter or member of TREES of MEMORY e.V. -

every contribution is a small and incredibly valuable step on my long way.


Whether private person, company, school class or institution - with a direct donation you can easily make your donation by using online banking, classic bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. 

Every donation helps us to support surviving dependents and suicidal persons. After receiving your donation you will receive - if desired - a donation receipt.


With the adoption of a tree sponsorship you make it possible to plant a "Tree of Memory".


Whether as a memorial for a certain person or as a gift for the bereaved - the tree becomes an important symbol along a path that will lead around the earth.

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