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Become with 1 Euroor 1 Dollar, one of 1000 supporters who help depressed and suicidal people, as well as survivors of a suicide to give new courage and thereby help to implement the project with the trees of memory for suicide victims, worldwide. 

Dear All,

I want to inspire you, get you on board, bring you into the group of 1000 ToM's. I'll explain what it's all about right away.

Since March 2018, I have been hiking through Germany,  as the first stage on my way around the world, to plant
Trees of Memory wherever a person has seen no more hope and where bereaved people need help to be able

to make a new start. Help that these people can get through the charity TREES of MEMORY e.V., which I draw

attention to every day on my way and whose work I represent.

From 2022 onwards, I will leave Germany and hike to  Austria. This will bring a lot of new challenges, which I

will face with great joy. But I also feel that change is needed so that I can follow this life task 100% and achieve much more than 

I have so far.

Despite many appearances in the media and a lot of great meetings, I have not been able to get companies as sponsors in the past three years. No matter what and how I write, no matter what offer I make, companies do not want to support a project that deals with suicide. They only see the darkness and not the light. This is unfortunately a very disappointing fact that I have to accept, even if I don't want to.

I really had the false hope that with my enthusiasm, the hike for life and my related ideas, as well as all the great successes that all of us who belong to the Team Trees of Memory have had, I could inspire companies to set an example, to give courage to follow your own life and new ways of living. I just don't seem to be able to do that. Maybe I'm too stupid or not sympathetic enough - I really have no idea.

But companies are always about money and not about the wellbeing of the mind. That is also a fact of today's achievement focussed society.

But I can't do it without sponsors and donations, especially in the coming years, because stopping a hike with all the logistical challenges will become more and more difficult the further away I will be. That's why I don't just want to win you over as a one-time donor, but I want to inspire you to join the group of 1000ToM's and the associated 12x12 project.

I am looking for exactly 1000 people who will support my hike with 1 Euro / Dollar / Pound per month, that is 12 Euros / Dollar / pounds per year, for 12 years (144 Euro / Dollar / Pounds ) There is no obligation, you can stop at any time. 

12 years is the time I will need to circumnavigate the globe on foot and plant at least one Tree of Memory in each country.

In fact, I only need 1000 Euros a month to be able to walk all year round. This means I can concentrate 100% on Trees of Memory.  I can start hiking permanently as soon as I have found these 1000 people who donate one Euro / Dollar or Pound a month or always 12 Euros / Dollar / Pounds on 1st of January to this project. For 12 years, that makes 144 Euros / Dollar / Pounds in total.

With these 1,000 Euros a month, I can cover the running costs and in the future, on my way, I can also offer free lectures on the topic of "suicide prevention - get out of depression" or training courses on how to deal with the topic in the media, in addition to planting trees. Both are very close to my heart.

Today is 10 June 2021 and I am actually starting now to search for those special 1000 people who I will list after this text. 
Once I have found those thousand people, I will not accept any more supporters unless another space becomes available.

I will return the favour with a small thank you in the form of a postcard, which I will then send to you from somewhere and I will think of one or two surprises for you. Will you join me and help me to carry hope and courage for life around the world?

If so, please use the contact form and make the first transfer of 1 Euro / Dollar / Pound for the first month, or 12 Euro / Dollar / Pound for the first year or 144 Euro / Dollar / Pound for the whole 12 years to the account below or via Paypal.

Of course, a standing order is also possible, which you can cancel at any time if you don't like the way I implement the Trees of Memory project, which gives you control and security over what I do.

Please be the first, 10th, 100th or the person who completes the 1000 and makes a small change in your world.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Best wishes and a big hug


Please mark your donation with "12x12" so that I can assign it.

Of course, you can donate any amount you like, then please just state the donation.



Click here to go to PAYPAL



Donation account:
ING DiBa - Mario Dieringer
IBAN: DE63500105170831619540



For international money transfer you can use WISE service.
Easy to handle, very low fees and very secure . You can send money to my E-Mail-Adress .

It goes from banc account to banc account and none else can see the details like the account number for example.


Vielen Dank für das Einreichen!

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