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Mario Dieringer - journalist, lecturer, dependant, affected person  
  • My name is Mario Dieringer and I've worked as a journalist and lecturer for most of my life.

  • At the age of 46 I collapsed all of a sudden and my supposed slight burnout turned out to be a full-blown severe depression, almost in the final stages. 

  • Despite initially successful psychotherapy, my condition worsened again two years later and led to a suicide attempt on 28.12.2014, which I only just survived after a resuscitation. 

  • My later partner also suffered from a severe depression. He refused clinical treatment, despite increasingly worsening symptoms and anxiety. He refused to accept help because of his depression. Maybe he was already unable to do so. 

  • At Easter 2016 he took his own life. 

  • My feelings of guilt, fears and panic attacks led to severe depressions, which was again accompanied by violent suicidal thoughts.

  • Since life has created such momentous facts, I don't want to have to watch helplessly the topics suicide and depressions.

  • In the meantime, I no longer need psychological treatment because I was able to overcome my depressions i was suffered for 35 years. I only concentrate on Trees of Memory. 

  • With the decision to follow my heart and be active in suicide prevention, I have found a way that has freed me from the scourge of depressions. I would like to share this new energy with everyone who is interested and help where I can. 

  • Psychotherapies in the treatment of depression are always accompanied by changes. I have done that. Radically and consistently. It has given me a new life. And I want to help those affected on their new way forward. 

  • I can't cure depression. I can't fight depression either. But I can encourage you, because therapy for depression always goes hand in hand with changes. And that is where I can help you a little with my experience. 

For most of my life I have worked as a journalist in various media, especially for television. Afterwards I started my own business with my agency Echte Wortarbeit - Kommunikationsatelier 2.0 in Frankfurt. However, my heart always remained in my home Berlin. Until the start of TREES of MEMORY, I taught at various universities (EMBA, Fresenius, macromedia and the Journalistenakademie Dr. Hoffacker GmbH). I am also a lecturer at the education institution alfatraining Bildungszentrum GmbH and train people who are looking for a new professional perspective. In addition, I am invited by companies to in-house training courses when it comes to online marketing, online PR, social media, crisis PR or SEO. - During the winter months you can still book me for seminars and trainings. Just contact me by email for this purpose.

Journalist und Dozent Mario Dieringer

Apart from that I am someone who has always travelled a lot, who is crazy about animals and marvels the wonderful world of plants with big eyes. I am someone for whom nature offers much more than hip bars and superficial come togethers could ever do. But both can be nice from time to time.

The picture on the right shows my dog Tyrion who accompanies me in this great task since 22 July 2018. Tyrion comes from a Bulgarian animal shelter and he is the gift of many people who follow me on Facebook. They shared the opinion "Mario needs a dog". And they are absolutely right. He became my great love and a faithful companion.  

If you want to support Tyrion with a few Euros or Dollars for food or insurance etc., you can do so via this PayPal-Link. 

Alternatively, you can make sure that my companion doesn't go hungry by bank transfer. I would be very happy, because we urgently need every support for this big project:
ING DiBa - Mario Dieringer  
BIC:    INGDDEFF             
IBAN:  DE63500105170831619540



I'm not the super sportsman, because besides hiking I only like to hang on my paraglider and to see the world from above, from another perspektive. But I'm not doing that yet
for such a long time long and at times, I've had a hard time staying up there. 

However, I find it a pity that I cannot take my glider with me on my journey. What kind of dream would that be? To walk up the hills and the mountains and glide down.

Now (2020) I haven´t done it for 3 years and I am afraid I am back on the level: can´t do a thing. that´s really sad :-( 


And yes I must be crazy. Totally insane, and yes, I know what I'm doing. I know what I'm gonna give up. I know what hardships and dangers I will surrender to and yes, I am also thinking about retirement. But I'm not worried anymore. And no, I am not afraid - never have been.

Except for the past few months, which have changed my life dramatically. Losing the person you love through suicide is probably the worst fate that can befall us. Especially when someone has seen it happen.

Tyrion - Das Geschenk meiner Facebook-Follower und meine große Hunde-Liebe :-)
Gleitschirmpilot Mario Dieringer
Wer mitangst durc daslebe geht, wird niemals ans Ziel kommen.

Several times I have called the police for help. Nevertheless I lost the fight  -  because nobody believed me. Not the police, not the friends, not even the psychologist. What is left of oneself in such a case? And although I have regularly warned of his suicide since I knew Jose. After his death I received emails from those people I warned and begged for help which began with the words "You murderer".


There was nothing left of me. No faith, no hope, no future.

It took me a long time to sleep and think again on a regular bases. It took a few months until I got through the first day, not crying. After that it was still a hard road. Sometimes it still is. Not a day goes by without memories, not a day when I don't miss our life, the laughter, the beautiful moments, even angry arguments. Now after four years many of those feelings are still existing.

With TREES OF MEMORY I have a perspective  I want to share. A future that is  possible for many others too, even if the present is still so black and bad. Believe in yourself, believe in life and believe in hope. You will not be abandoned.

If I can do something good for you, even if it's only to listen, invite me. I will also support you in work that has been left undone - after all that has happened to you.  From my experience I know how important it is to help where there is a need for. From my experience I know how important it is to help where there is need. For this reason, the non-profit association TREES of MEMORY e.V. has created sponsorshares / contact points for people who have lost someone through suicide. Our people try to help and with all of you guys who are willing to support us, we will be able to help even more. 

Sonnenuntergang im Wald


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