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Nationales Geotop Partnachklamm

Life is often not a long, calm river 
and to swim with the current,
seems to be impossible.

Who would you like to be?


Problems need time to mature. Solutions often take twice as long.
We lose ourselves in circular thoughts, which only bump into each other in a thought-cage. 


Mentally we get stuck in a complex of topics and sometimes isolate obvious solution models.


The thought process gets stuck because we only weigh up important and difficult decisions emotionally. This is often the case when a stroke of fate is accompanied by a terrible loss. 


The emotional burden rules over your own life bubble. Insights into other helping perspectives remain outside.  



We roast in our own juice.


When hiking, many processes are shut down after only a few kilometers. That is why forest bathing is actually a kind of psychologically healing medicine. 


What makes hiking possible?


  • Listening to the inner voice

  • Experience silence

  • Feel mindfulness

  • Getting attention

  • See limits

  • Recognize limits

  • Meditative walking

  • Acceptance of reality

  • Extension of perspectives

  • Leaving well-trodden paths

  • Finding new ways

  • Tank up on power


On a joint hike we can track down important questions and wishes and consider and evaluate different solutions. 


  • If you no longer want that, what would you like instead? 

  • What is the concrete goal? 

  • What would be different if an intermediate goal was reached? 

  • Which weaknesses lead to strengths?

  • What makes problems visible?

  • Why do visions remain invisible?

  • What do you need to realize your dreams?

  • What will you never lose?

  • What will you do good for yourself? 


and many more.



Bad Kissingen & Mecklenburg 



Number of participants 10
Minimum number of participants 4 Pers.




Mecklenburg / Neustrelitz
February 11 to 14, 2021

Bad Kissingen

March 4 to 7, 2021


Thursday to Sunday 



Thursday evening:

getting to know each other

Friday & Saturday
full day hike  

common breakfast ,
12 pm Departure 



Price per person:
150 Euro + VAT + accommodation



Email for registration



Individual place

Individual route 

Individual appointment 


Friday to Sunday

Also possible during the week

Arrival until 11 am

from 12 walk & agreement on objectives


full day hike 
Impulses & Coaching


breakfast together


Departure 12 o'clock


Price: 400 Euro + VAT.  

+ possible accommodation costs for you



Email for registration



One hour phone call

50 Euro + VAT

each additional 15 minutes :
12 Euro


Personal conversation during a walk near Berlin
2 hours - 90 Euro + VAT
3 hours - 130 Euro + VAT

4 hours - 170 Euro + VAT

Day hike around Berlin
or if necessary at your area 
220 Euro 


Included in the price is a 30-minute advance telephone call to clarify the current status.

The basic problem and what you expect from me will be clarified.


This is necessary so that I can prepare myself. 

Email for registration


Sometimes it is not even about the next steps in life, but about enduring the grief that gradually eats you up. Unfortunately, the path from grief to your own psychological crisis is often very short and you no longer feel that you actually need help.


Grief is a language of love, but it is not the proof of love. This is not needed at all. Mothers do not have to prove that they loved their child, in which they suffer for the rest of their lives from grief.

To let go of grief does not mean to send love away. 

Grief had eaten me too and it took a long time to find my way back into life, to forgive
and to love differently. Therefore we can of course apply and adapt any coaching to the process of mourning. 


You have questions about my offer? Please send me an email with your questions and call back number, as well as the times for the best availability and I will get back to you.

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