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MULTIMEDIA LECTURE "Fight back to life"

The multimedia lecture "Fighting back to life"

With this multimedia lecture, which lasts about 1.5 hours and is followed by a round table discussion, I would like to show surviving dependents and relatives of suicide victims, ways out of grief, back into a life.

I also address people with depression and suicidal thoughts or those who, like me, have attempted suicide. I tell how physical abuse led to depression, which developed into suicide, and what strategies I developed as a child to get through it.

Those worked well until the day I collapsed 30 years later and my brain made the decision to kill me. I was lucky and resuscitated.


After that I found a way out of depression and suicidal thoughts and suicidal tendencies.

How much does this lecture cost?

You can have lectures of this kind financed as a project by health insurance companies, foundations or other organisations, if it fits into their framework of e.g. suicide prevention, depression help, grief counselling, self-help, etc. This needs to be clarified and we can react individually. 


For groups, people, institutions, schools, who bear the costs themselves, I will find an appropriate framework, plus the travel costs for me and my dog Tyrion, as well as an overnight stay, whereby your couch for sleeping is also sufficient for me. 

Just ask me: or Tel. 0176-58880435

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