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 A hike for life, in remembrance of the deceased.
A hike around the world to motivate people with suicidal thoughts, not to give up.

We offer help to families after a suicide.

Because a suicide has torn my life into millions of pieces, I will plant TREES of MEMORY to remember and honor the deceased and those who left behind.

  • On a route through 60 countries around the world.  

  • My hike began on March 31, 2018. A "way of life" as a visible remembrance of great and loving people who have lost their hope.

  • and lost their battle against the depression. 

  • An international symbol that should show human beings, with suicidal thoughts, that even out of the darkest life situation, the unbelievable can be accomplished, and that the magnificence of life will show itself again at any time. This fight is not easy, but possible.

TREES of MEMORY wants to encourage people who suffer from depression to get help and share their experiences with us,

here on this page, on Facebook, on Twitter or on Instagram.

With your story you can help to draw attention to the numerous treatment options for depression and suicidality. With such a TREE of MEMORY you can create a sign for life. It will be like a burning candle in the darkness, to light up the direction you could go to.

Plant with us a TREE of MEMORY for the person who was close to you. Or become a tree sponsor, with only 1 Dollar (or more). With this you will support our help and offers of help after a suicide hit a family.  We contribute some of our offers to the suicide prevention. 


  • I am deeply convinced that we have to talk about death and what a loss through suicide or persistent suicidal thoughts does to people and their psychological health.

  • I firmly believe that there is help for depressions, that we can free ourselves from depressions or at least greatly alleviate it if we follow our heart and our self with little or no compromise. 

  • A suicide is not murder! That is why I am fighting for the breaking of the taboo subject of suicide and a change in the use of language that mocks, insults and criminalises the victims. That is why we speak only of suicide and have therefore 
    Hashtag #itcalledsuicide
    which can be used to identify and mark different / bad reporting in all social networks. 


  • Together with FRANS, the Frankfurt Network for Suicide Prevention, I am trying to draw attention to the possibilities for helping people with depressions and to offer suicide prevention measures, for example in the form of training for journalists, which ensures that reporting is appropriate to the topic without generating imitation effects, the so-called Werther effect.

  • Every TREE OF MEMORY that is planted and will help with personal grief management is my invitation to trust life, to follow your heart and your soul.  

  • Please accompany me virtually or as a hiking friend, day by day on my hike around the world, so that you can discover new and worthwhile perspectives for yourself. 

TREES of MEMORY, Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

On 31.03.2018 my hike around the world began. Through 60 countries and over 50,000 kilometres I will plant TREES of MEMORY in memory of great people who lost their hope and their fight against depression. You can accompany me in different ways!

TREES of MEMORY, Memories

Our partners, children, parents, family members or friends should not be forgotten. Therefore, I would like to create places for as many victims as possible who have been torn out of life.


Places to see hope for their relatives where memories can stay and grow in a positive way- just as the love that once connected us with our loved ones grew.

TREES of MEMORY, Aktiv werden

Help to draw attention to the numerous treatment options for depressions and set an example for life.


With a tree sponsorship, a donation, as a association member or by sharing your thoughts and experiences with others.


Ordere einen Baum für den Menschen, der Dir nahe stand oder werde schon ab einem Euro Baum-Pate.

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