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My winter work as a funeral orator

TREES of MEMORY has not only given me a new and fulfilled life, but has also changed me as a person. I constantly experience how I am changing and I feel that I have to give space to these changes if I don't want to be damaged.

Change the perspective, become a funeral orator / funeral orator  


Somehow frivolously said, it became clear sometime last year that I would be a good funeral orator.


At that time I found that quite absurd and a bit strange. Then I heard it again and again.
The months went by and somehow the thought worked in my subconscious and spread out to became a wish.

Suddenly I started to feel into it and realised that it would actually almost be a logical development of my being of the last 2 years. Nevertheless I was not sure.


After I asked the facebook crowd if they could imagine it, I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. So I thought about it again, felt into it clearly and suddenly I felt a very clear, very light and loud "Yes, make it  - it fits and is consistent".


A part of the future: writing and delivering a funeral oration
Here is now my new website, my new part of an exciting and always surprising future, in the spirit of my favourite sentence:
"Follow your heart - and do it radically".


With this, I will fill my 6-month winter breaks next to ToM when I am not hiking and planting.

I would be happy about constructive criticism but also clearly about sharing, recommending and maybe even putting me on your list of possible speakers?


Thank you, to all those who have encouraged me and put so much trust in me. I will do my very best :-)

I will nwork all over Germany, even if the name of the site suggests it. 

Best regards

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